Asrul Munazar, M.A,Dipl.English

Asrul Munazar

Bangka, March 1, 1983
Anthropological Linguistics

Dipl. English at Methodist College of English Manila
Undergraduate program in Teaching English as Foreign Language at Christian University of   Indonesia,  Jakarta
Graduate Program in Linguistics (concerning in translation and Anthropogical Linguistics) Faculty of Cultural Sciences Gadjah Mada University and Graduate Research program in Applied Linguistics School of Arts and Sciences Edith Cowan University, Australian Catholic University , Australia (Master of Arts)

Future Students (Ph.D program) Doctor by research in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, The University of Sydney, Sydney Australia

English Trainer for Business English at Knauf Gypsum Indonesia Jakarta
English Trainer for Teachers of Public Junior High School 2 in Belinyu
English Trainer for Future students of Graduate Program Gadjah Mada University Yogyakarta, Future students from East Timor
Indonesian Private class instructor for International Students of Gadjah Mada University Yogyakarta
English Trainer for Business Conversation and Negotiation at Legal Departmet Hadji Kalla Group Makassar
English and Teaching developement Trainer for teachers of elementary schools and  teachers of Early Childhood education in Belinyu district   ( a community service for rural teachers)
English Trainer for lecturers of STMIK Atma Luhur Pangkal Pinang Bangka


- Anthropological Linguistics
- Translation
- Educational Linguistics
- Research Methodology in EFL and Linguistics
- Cross Cultural Understanding Studies


Member of  World bank Research, Education Division

Member of UNESCO research, Linguistics of education division

Member of Indonesian`s Translator Association



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